Where to visit / what to do:




Some of the key places to visit and activities:
1. Medieval walled towns of Boulogne and Montreuil-sur-Mer
2. La Vallée de la Course and the “Sept Vallées » areas with their picturesque
3. The Côte d’Opale with its sandy beaches
4. Large cities of Lille, Arras and St Omer
5. Bruges (about 2 hours drive away)
6. La Coupole near St Omer – construction site of V2 bombs during WW2
7. Visitors’ Centre at Azincourt (Agincourt)
8. For birds lovers: Coastal “Parc Ornithologique” (bird reserve) at
Baie de Somme and the Nature Reserve at Clairmarais, near St Omer
9. Nausicaa : the superb sea life centre in Boulogne

10. Le Louvre Lens - a magnificent branch of Le Louvre Museum in Paris.

Leisure areas for young people and adults!
1. Aqualud: swimming pool with flumes (summer only) at Le Touquet
2. Helicia: The leisure centre with 4 swimming pools and ice rink at Boulogne
3. Dennlys Parc: a family amusement park and Bagatelle theme park near Berck
4. Excellent sandy beaches at Wimereux, Hardelot, Berck & Le Touquet with
opportunities for sailing and sand yachting
5. Gold courses at Hardelot, Le Touquet and Wimereux



Please ask for a copy of our local guide - you will find in it many more interesting ideas for children and for grown-ups.  It has been prepared for our visitors and should contain practical information about all the key sites within easy reach from Les Marronniers.  

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