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No worries, these live in the garden not in the house, some are noisy (birds) some discreet (the mole) and some furtive (bats and many more). After a while there you will notice more and more these small creatures e.g. frogs, hedgehogs, birds and what they need to feed on e.g. snails, insects, butterflies, creepy crawlies and beautiful dragon-flies.

But nature is a powerful and sometimes capricious master and we are its humble servants. It requires patience and with luck you may see a red squirrel (no grey ones around) or deers in the distance.  We had a whole family of bluetits, six in all on our feeders one day.


The local bird population includes singing blackbirds, beautiful tits, small wrens, garden warblers, owls hooting in the evening, cuckoos in the spring, sparrows, nuthatches, jays, magpies, wood pigeons, collar doves, dunnocks, green finch, chaffinch, swallows, house martins and you can hear at distance chiffchaffs, green woodpeckers and black caps.  All of these have been either seen or heard by previous visitors. In the photo a familiar robin.



The frog population, which was huge ten years ago, has sadly been depleted by diseases but are still breeding in the ponds


In the garden you will have moles, field mouses or dormouses.  The field mice has a dark brown fur and enormous eyes and ears for its size.  In the wooded area you will find a slightly different range of wildlife including weasels, deers, hedgehogs and pheasants have been seen nesting there.


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